Santa Cam Ornament
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Santa Cam Ornament

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Santa is watching through this spy cam! Will your kid(s) be naughty or nice? 🎅🏼

❤️💚 This adorable Santa surveillance ornament is the perfect addition to any Christmas tree and the beginning of a new and unforgettable Christmas family tradition! 💚❤️

This ornament is made out of CLEAR GLASS and is decorated with glitter by hand. Each ornament measures 3.15 in. The camera design is made using quality checked vinyl which helps keep the product affordable while maintaining a durable design. 



👉🏼 Ornaments are made using transfer-on vinyl, so proper care is needed for long-term use.

🎄Do NOT pick at the vinyl! The vinyl used is essentially like a quality grade sticker which is meant for long-term use, but if picked at, it WILL come off and it will NOT re-stick.

🎄Always store your ornament(s) in a dry, room-temperature setting - extreme temperatures can negatively affect the vinyl as well as the glass material

🎄Never, EVER clean your ornament with anything other than a DRY, CLEANING RAG. Dusting the ornament is okay when using a DRY rag and slow, gentle movements, but ALL chemicals are prone to negatively affect the vinyl.